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Ian's Army Pictures

From this page you can see various pictures taken when I was in the British Army between August 1956 and August 1959. The pictures have been supplied by my pata Harry now living in Kelowna, B.C., Canada.

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If you can't see which one is me then e-mail me. (I am the slim, handsome guy with dark hair.)

Picture 1 New recruits. August 1956.

Picture 2 This is the ship on which we travelled from England to Hong Kong, June - July 1957. The journey took five weeks and called at Dakar, Durban and Singapore.

Picture 3 Arriving in Hong Kong, July 1957. I am not in this picture.

Picture 4 Winning swimming team, 1957.

Picture 5 Celebrating New Year 1959 1.

Picture 6 Celebrating New Year 1959 2.

More pictures coming soon.

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